S/Y Jennifer summer 2015

S/Y Jennifer will sail around the Nordic countries during May-Sept 2015. We will start from Stockholm May 22 and sail to Tallin and St Petersburg. June 1 we will sail north on Russian rivers/lakes/canals to Archangelsk, then on to Kirkenes in Norway and July 2 on to Svalbard/Spitzbergen.

End of July back to Norway (Tromsö) and from Aug 2 south along fjords/fishing villages/cities such as Lofoten, Bodö, Trondheim, Ålesund, Bergen, Stavanger etc to Skagen in Denmark and hence on to Stockholm, arriving there Sept 17.  More info to follow :-)Skipper Lars

S/Y Jennifer skipper will give free lectures during Stockholm Boat Show March 8 and 9.

Slide-show! S/Y Jennifer Skipper will give a lecture/slide-show Wednesday November 27, 19.00 at Sjöskolan, Beckholmen, Djurgården in Stockholm of my circumnavigation 2010-13 with emphasis on The South Seas and Alaska. No entrence fee – but a contribution is welcome. Limited space of 40 persons. Pls respond if you wish to attend. Regards Lars

S/Y Jennifer skipper’s jacket made by spinnaker cloth by my Swedish female friend BeBe has been found after 25 years. I am very happy, but BeBe might have to do some upgrade. :-)

S/Y Jennifer in stealth condition, ”dressed to kill” for the winter in Slagsta Marina outside Stockholm.